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The formulation of DuraTech 20CV offers insight into its wear resistance qualities. I've a customer who wants a small necker in m390. With significant amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum, Vanadium, and Tungsten, these steels are 100% ready for action. In my experience, it takes a keener edge, holds it much longer, and is not markedly more difficult to sharpen. Speed Test - CenturyLink Heat treated to 60-62HRc, M390 is a super steel with superior edge holding abilities, yet it is still easy to maintain. Elmax, Maxamet, 20CV, VG-10, Vanax 35, CTS-XHP, ZDP-189, 154CM, CPM-154,  I have tested this knife for several months and have butchered many of our meat/ farm animals with it I am very pleased with the results. The steel contains a large volume of extremely hard vanadium carbides, which provide excellent wear resistance. The hardness of Maxamet has nothing to do with what we are talking about and liking Cruwear at 61-63 has nothing to do with M390 at 59 performing like S30V when it isn't supposed to. This is also very cool looking. Summary : CPM-10V is a very high wear steel and provides high wear resistance and hardness, producing high slicing edge retention when cutting to a low sharpness. The steel contains a large volume of extremely hard vanadium carbides (4%), which provide excellent wear resistance. ACT Aspire. D2 vs. [1] [2] Its chemistry promotes the formation and even distribution of vanadium carbides , which are harder and more effective at cutting than The blade is made of CPM 20CV but it was first offered in M390 and CTS204P like on the Spyderco Southard. 5" XM-18 from Rick Hinderer Knives has a stonewashed finish, spear point ground blade made from CPM20CV. aimswebPLUS. At Ookla, we are committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities can access all of the content at www. L6 : main. DuraTech 20CV contains the highest amount of chromium of any high-vanadium stainless steel currently available. Not like it hasn’t been discussed before, but now with the new season they just keep making the same mistakes! Look, I’m as entertained as Presenting 20 1901 available for purchase here. For more see Part I here. Search. Anyone have experience with CPM 20CV? I have 2 knives with 20CV. Advantages: Outstanding edge holding and corrosion resistance, requires little maintenance. It is designed to provide maximum resistance to breakage and chipping in a high wear-resistance steel. To paraphrase Sal Glesser - when it comes to steel you have edge retention, toughness and stainlessness. 20CV has five times the wear resistance of 440C, and has 30% more corrosion resistance. The blades are made from exceptional steel: CPM-20CV. com offers a free online Typing Test and exciting typing games and keyboarding lessons. osograndeknives. just keep the surface wet(no need to soak). Designed and built tank A large powerful folder that has been military tested around the world. M390 / CPM 20CV is a PM stainless steel that offers good wear resistance with excellent corrosion resistance through the use of high chromium and vanadium content. com for assistance. I'm outside most of the time with my dog when I'm not working and have plenty of times to cut away shrubs or some shit if we're just out in the yard. That is just slightly harder, and has the same toughness as 440C, which is a benchmark steel for knives. Blade Steel Myth #4. CPM 20CV excels in industrial applications that demand high wear resistance and high corrosion resistance, such as plastic injection feed screws, barrel liners, screw tips, and mold cavities. So, I was looking forward to the test. Shop now. 4. Both D2 and CPM S30V steel are good choices for knife blades. Both knives are made with a higher quality grade of steel known as CPM-20CV. CPM-20Cv is one of the most desired steels in their lineup (if not the world). I’ve been impressed with its edge retention. The blade also has a two-tone finish, stonewashed on the flats and machine satin on the grinds. I did both a paper and cardboard test with this knife, and it’s crazy sharp right out of the box. Xfinity Speed Test tests your Internet connection speed Xfinity Speed Test tests your Internet connection A CPM-S30V blade hardened at 60HRC will handle very differently to a CPM-S30V blade at 57HRC. Look no further than Knifeworks. In the knife industry a 'mule' is a sample knife used for performance testing. Edge Retention (CATRA Test Relative to 440C). CPM 20CV Made in the USA This finely grained, powdered American tool steel combines very forgiving hard use durability with vastly superior corrosion and wear resistance. its  Why a CPM -20CV Knife Blade Is an Excellent Choice . Nov 19, 2018 The CATRA edge retention test uses the slicing of 5% . About CPM-20CV: Spyderco's twenty-third Mule Team installment features CPM 20CV steel, a highly wear resistant, powder metallurgy stainless tool steel. 17 oz. - Compare your in-game FPS to other users with your hardware. I sliced up a big stack of cardboard in an informal “cut test” and managed to wear the edge down a bit after a while. The blade has a scooped spine, top swedge, and a slight recurve for cutting versatility. A better steel won’t necessarily make a better knife. Grade Gmade. The new Benchmade Foray folder knife offers classic styling of a gentlemen's folder coupled with the premium materials and industry-leading craftsmanship. It's a cutting beast, not a hard use product. Telling you the Paramilitary 2 is awesome is akin to telling you that the Suzuki Hayabusa is fast. The CPM-20v grade is high end stuff that was my deciding factor when purchasing. Data Sheet - CPM S30V. In CATRA tests, DuraTech 20CV steel had nearly twice the cutting edge retention of 440C! Welcome to Reddit, S30V (Older version of S35VN, a bit chippier and a bit harder to sharpen than its newer counterpart, but overall solid) CPM-154/Buck's 154CM (powedered formulation of 154CM, pretty good all-rounder, but cheaper than other powdered steels if you can find it on a non-custom knife. At 58 HRC, it’s amongst the hardest steels used in knives and very corrosion resistant. When I received the striking It is made of CPM 20CV steel, a highly wear-resistant tool steel. The 0460TI is on the left, and the 0470 is on the right. and the knife passed both test with flying colors. This powdered metallurgy steel is considered one of the “super steels” for its top performance, offering outstanding edge holding capability and corrosion resistance. CPM-20CV has a high volume of vanadium carbides and a high amount of chromium. Benchmade 940-1501 Knifeworks exclusive $170. Does the Benchmade Griptilian really require an introduction? Probably not. net. It’s such an all-pervasive part of knife culture that even people who don’t know knives probably know what a Benchmade Griptilian is. The MEUK in 52100 was several blades on used carpet and it had significantly better edge retention than a Swiss Army knife, a custom in LM1 and another 52100 blade by Ed Fowler though was behind another custom in CPM-10V. CTS-204P is made by the USA-based Carpenter Technology Corporation and CPM-20CV is manufactured by Crucible Industries. Bohler M390, CTS-204P, and CPM-20CV are all essentially the same steel and sport a near identical composition. offering Indeed, tests done have shown ELMAX to be a truly superior knife steel. A strikingly handsome folder featuring a 3. Each offers some level of corrosion resistance because of high levels of Chromium used in the making of both. I had another M390 like steel in ZT0804 in CPM-20CV and the edge holding was almost identical to the Ritter, but alas it was too thick for my liking. with ease. Ive heard it gets a little chippy if taken too thin though. The blade on the 0460Ti is 3. It’s not the easiest thing to sharpen, but here’s the thing. - See speed test results from other users. It is also used in food processing equipment and pelletizer knives and is an extremely popular blade steel in high-performance custom knives. Think of 20cv as upper class jack-of-all-trades steel. In a carbon-rich alloy like CPM 20CV, the process of austenitization heats the steel until its crystalline structure changes to become austenite instead of ferrite. 7" Nail is made from heat treated CPM-20CV stainless with a bronze finish and friction fit Kydex sheath. Its chemistry has been specially balanced to promote the formation of vanadium carbides which are harder and more effective than chromium carbides in providing wear resistance. The 0562CF’s handle has a carbon fiber front scale and stonewashed titanium back. 1. From office-friendly everyday carry to a tactical knife for law enforcement officers, Look no further than Knifeworks. What it is: CPM 20CV is a "Crucible Particle Metallurgy" stainless steel, widely regarded as a "super steel" for its properties and performance. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Spyderco C81GPTN2 Paramilitary 2 Tan G-10 CPM 20CV Folding Knife at the best online prices . The PM process combined with the high chromium content imparts M390 / CPM 20CV with good grindability and excellent polishability. CPM-15V: main. A melding of titanium, 20CV steel, and custom hardware, this knife brings big style and functionality to this Micro Pocket Rocket (mPR™). The Nyala also worked well but there was slight noticeable difference in cutting. 9%), chromium (20%), manganese (. If you are debating between one or the other, you choice will probably depend on cost constraints. Check out Ankerson’s steel rankings for real world testing. “CPM-20CV has a high volume of vanadium carbides and a high amount of chromium. We also strive to make all content in Speedtest apps accessible. TestNav Reference. Benchmade 698 Foray Folder Knife, CPM-20CV Satin Blade. 440C has a cutting edge retention score of 100 on the CATRA test, while 20CV has a score of 180. CPM is a trademarked name for a process that is also called Powdered Metallurgy or PM steel. Premium CPM-20CV steel blade holds an edge incredibly well. Metallurgy Process. Are Knife Super Steels Worth It? October 2, 2014 By Thomas Xavier | Updated: June 18, 2017 62 Comments After over a decade of being heavily involved in the knife world, not only as a knife user, but as a collector as well, I have found myself completely jaded by the knife industry’s enduring tactic of releasing new steels and declaring them Benchmade Knives. To complete the package, Benchmade has matched their unique titanium handle with a CPM-20CV blade steel. The 0393, based on Rick Hinderer's Maximus, features a harpoon-style version of Rick’s 'spanto' blade in CPM 20CV. Of course, any steel is an alloy whose performance at a specific task depends entirely on its overall matrix. Nominal composition of CPM-15V : Carbon: 3. If that's true, I'd say you're exactly right. The MEUK was also behind S30V and 10V several high alloy steels slicing carpet. Mini- Griptillian knife now features innovative dual-color G10 handle material that provides unprecedented grip and durability. If you purchase something through a post on our site, Slickdeals may get a small share of the sale. You can pick two, or all three if you spend a whole lot of money. CPM 3V is a high toughness, wear-resistant tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy process. 20cv: Lower toughness, lower edge stability, higher wear resistance, likely higher corrosion resistance If 3v microchips when treated by Survive Knives then 20cv should be a relative nightmare. 124” thick, sub-2” blade, is capable of nearly any task. Orange G-10 scale and tumbled titanium frame and pocket clip. This test runs in your browser. It has a length of 3. It is a really solid knife that normally sells on the used market for $170 in good condition. I have, and use, many of both. Its extra wide, drop point stonewashed blade is made from American CPM-20CV steel, offering a near perfect balance between durability and edge holding performance. We specifically instructed Mike Stewart, president and designer of BRKT, to design and build this knife to exceed the performance of any EDC knife on the market regardless of cost. A month into use and they still cut tomatoes with ease. CPM 20CV is a unique tool steel made by the Crucible Particle Metallurgy Process. CPM S30V Steel: Which is Better for Knives? Both D2 and CPM S30V steel are good choices for knife blades. You can see how small it is just by looking at the size in the palm of our editor’s hand. XHP, CPM-154, and B75P are all primarily made up of chromium carbides, while Elmax, S35VN, S90V, and 20CV have a combination of chromium and vanadium carbides. Nick's Knife Factory posts news and promotions. speedtest. The Rockwell test measuring the depth of penetration of an indenter under a large load (major load) compared to the penetration made by a preload (minor load). com to shop all the latest knives, flashlights and tactical gear. 60. They are the same, right CPM-20CV Blade Steel. If you are having trouble accessing www. 20CV ? ? 180, Latrobe Knives Illustrated Oct. - Compare your components to the current market leaders. Elmax is very similar to M390, CPM 20CV, and CTS 204P, but has somewhat lower Vanadium content, and lacks any Tungsten content. A summary of results of edge retention of knives using the CATRA edge retention tester. 3%), molybdenum (1%), silicon (. friends at Kershaw Knives/Zero Tolerance (ZT), always come through with something new and exciting to test. Are Knife Super Steels Worth It? October 2, 2014 By Thomas Xavier | Updated: June 18, 2017 62 Comments After over a decade of being heavily involved in the knife world, not only as a knife user, but as a collector as well, I have found myself completely jaded by the knife industry’s enduring tactic of releasing new steels and declaring them ZDP-189, CPM-M4, S110V, and the current champ REX 121 (with an insane RC of 72) are all extremely hard steels that will outlast a more pedestrian alloy by 3 or 4 times before sharpening. Only the Knifeworks version has CPM-20CV steel, all other versions except for the 940-1 uses CPM-S30V. 7 cm Weight: 105 grams. M390 / CPM 20CV Stainless Steel Data Sheet. 91 in (739 mm) and is made of CPM-20CV premium stainless steel. 3%), tungsten (. LOG IN Measure your connection speed for your Telstra nbn™, ADSL, Cable or mobile data service. A CPM-S30V blade hardened at 60HRC will handle very differently to a CPM-S30V blade at 57HRC. It’s advertised to keep a high corrosion and wear resistance while maintaining blade toughness. Think I need to get better at finishing with the ultra fine stone and strop. Cold Steel 62RM 4-Max Folding Knife 4" CPM-20CV Stonewash Plain Blade, PROOF crew, making world renowned cuts in our promotional testing videos! S90V, 60/61, 1014, 189, Dozier/Knives Illustrated. Hello my friends. If we're on a trail, it's nice to have for peace of mind. . Your email address will not be used for any other purpose, and you can unsubscribe at any time. For the small size, the Knight gives you quality in a very small package. You get exceptional edge retention and outstanding corrosion resistance. In fact CPM-20CV rates well in corrosion resistance, hardness and sharpness categories. Air hardening, high carbon, high chromium tool steel it offers excellent CPM 20CV is a martensitic stainless steel with exceptionally good wear Blade HQ has it in CPM-20CV and it looks like other sellers have them in CTS- 204P Check out our past design contest, here are the winners. A speed test checks the maximum speed of your connection to a remote server on the internet. On the bone cutting the L6 blade fared the worst again due to the low hardness. Blade materials are those used to make the blade of a knife or other simple edged hand tool or . It is what’s known as a tool steel, or an alloy that is extremely hard and holds an edge well. CPM-20CV Stainless Steel Blades. The Bark River Essential was built at the request of DLT Trading to be the best fixed-blade, everyday carry knife on the market. CPM, makes the steel stronger than the SAME steel made using a conventional steel manufacturing process. Benchmade does it all: folding knives, fixed blade knives, and automatic knives. The constants in these tests are: The uncontrolled variable which in my opinion keep these test in the realm of more 'supporting data' rather than 'ironclad stats' is Rockwell hardness (the harder the steel the higher the edge retention will generally be. This is the model I own and love. In edge retention on the used mats the D2 blade consistently outlasted the 52100 knife on the mat cutting which out cut the 1084 blade which outclassed the much softer L6 blade showing the heavy influence of hardness. %. A popular choice for high end custom makers, its edge holding abilities are frankly outstanding. Also comparing with the vanadium carbide 10V the carbides are smaller than any of these stainless powder metallurgy steels. Its performance tests yields great results and not used frequently with label its seems. NNAT3. CPM-15V is an extremely high carbon, high vanadium cold work tool steel which offers improved wear resistance over 10V. 5” American-Made CPM20CV powdered steel blade. Sharpness Test of CPM 20cv and CPM 20CV is a martensitic steel, which refers to its hard crystalline structure with lens-shaped or lenticular grains. CPM-S30V performs near the top of premium hunting steels in this test. CPM 20CV contains the highest amount of chromium of any high- vanadium stainless steel currently available. It utilizes the finest folding knife materials to produce the best blade possible. Some of the extreme PM steels literally have cast iron levels of Carbon in them (CPM 15V at 3. ” said Zero Tolerance site. In our New Arrivals collection you will find the newest inventory of Knifeworks. I have been putting the Valet through it’s paces, and I’ve been happy with the results. Click here for detail specs or to buy this knife: https://www. 6%) and vanadium (4%). 45 inches. It is, bizarrely in this world of gear bounty Buck Knight 505RWS Specifications: It makes for a great keychain knife or one for the 5th pocket of your jeans as you stroll around the house. As a lifelong Martial Artist (a 5th Degree Black Belt in Aikido), Andrew shares many of the same interests as Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson, and together they have collaborated to design some of Cold Steel's most popular knives. If I remember right S90V is about the same, or exactly the same, as 440V. The blade shape offers maximum cutting power with a sturdy tip for piercing. It does a multiple stream download and upload to servers it determines Test Nav Where do you want to go? ACT: The ACT. Toggle Nav. Plastic Injection and Extrusion Feed CPM 20CV is a unique tool steel made by the Crucible Particle. Cold Steel 62RM 4-Max Folding Knife 4" CPM-20CV Stonewash Plain Blade, Desert Tan G10 Handles. It's a weapon design that has withstood the test of time and something you can 100% count on with your life. The 440V knives I've had owned have had extremely long lasting edges and were very challenging to sharpen. Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors 15,116 views The Rockwell hardness of CPM 20CV is 59 – 61 HRC. The steel may be the soul of the blade but the ergonomics are the heart. Its blade is almost a half inch shorter, coming in at 2. - Explore your best upgrade options with a virtual PC build. The other side of the coin with such high vanadium carbide content is that it is going to be a cave bear to grind and machine. Disadvantages: Very difficult to sharpen. Seemed like I was getting a good edge with the coarse and fine stones. Department of Defense Education Activity. DuraTech 20CV is a highly wear resistant, powder metallurgy stainless tool steel. It has a stonewashed finish  Precision machined from CPM 20CV steel, Titanium and G-10. TestNav Sign in to access your Kaplan materials. I was sharpening a knife that was rated as easy to sharpen, so will need to get better before moving to the M390, 20CV and S90V blades that I have. It’s made from CPM-20CV Steel and has a fixed point blade. Today, Benchmade is a pioneer in the industry. Edge Retention Test: CPM 20CV on Benchmade Griptillian 555-1 - Duration: 4:39. Take a free typing speed test now! CPM S30V is a martensitic (hardened) powder-made (sintered) wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel developed by Dick Barber of Crucible Industries in collaboration with knifemaker Chris Reeve. The 4-Max’s tumbled titanium liners and back spacers and Cool Grey 3-D CNC machined and bead blasted G-10 handle scales provide even greater degrees of strength. The knife is still shaving sharp and I'd CPM 20CV. Stainless steel liners and blue  Jun 24, 2019 CPM 20CV Stainless Steel. The single word descriptor doesn’t really capture the entirety of what you are dealing with–the Paramilitary 2 (PM2) is something of a phenomenon. M390 is a huge improvement over s30v. If you were comparing CPM-M4 to CPM-3V for such a tool the decision would be far more difficult. 1-800-KAP-TEST. BUT…there always is a tradeoff. Very high corrosion resistance, high edge retention, good toughness, and surprisingly easy to sharpenIts an edc'ers dream. Edge Retention Test: CPM 20CV on Benchmade Griptillian 555-1 Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors - Full steel testing list for my cut test videos, free to all. CPM 3V is an American-made steel product by Crucible Industries in Syracuse, New York. The CPM-S35VN  103 products Rick Hinderer XM Slippy 3" Sheepfoot 20CV Blue G10 slipjoint pocket knife Handle/blade: G10/CPM 20CV Blade length: 7. Search TypingTest. S110v and 20cv were tricky for me until I did a stone change Shapton Glass has a stone line called Kuromako, about $60 per stone, and the case acts as a holder. Another excellent steel for knife-making is CPM 20CV which has a Rockwell has a cutting edge retention score of 100 on the CATRA test, while 20CV has a  Bohler M390, CTS-204P, and CPM-20CV are all essentially the same steel and Based on experience and testing, M4 steel may outperform blade steels such  (CATRA Test Relative to 440C). 19" Plain Edge CPM-20CV Blade - Black  CPM D2. 00. It offers impact resistance greater than A2, D2, Cru-Wear, or CPM M4, approaching the levels provided by S7 and other shock resistant grades. Spyderco's Mule Team Series takes this concept a step further by offering our customers the same fixed-blade knife pattern in many different steel variations, allowing steel-obsessed knife enthusiasts a unique opportunity to test and evaluate different steels using the same identical design platform. . CPM® S30V® is a martensitic stainless steel designed to offer the best combination of toughness, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. CPM-20CV is Crucible / Latrobe’s stainless steel twin version of the excellent and currently hard to get Bohler M390. Crucible Industries' CPM 20CV achieves a CATRA test score of 180, compared to 440C's score of 100. I have been underwhelmed with the M390/CTS-204P/CPM-20CV steels so far and this information explains why. Perfect size, weight etc, for me. 8 inches in length. GRADE. This 3. 420HC at 58 will last longer than 420HC at 55, for example. BENCHMADE Griptilian Axis Folding Pocket Knife G10 B550-1. It’s a tool steel that uses the Powder Metallurgy (PM) process we’ve come to know and love which creates a much finer grain structure than coarse-carbide steels. Xfinity Speed Test tests your Internet connection speed. Please put "ADA Inquiry" in the Both D2 and CPM S30V steel are good choices for knife blades. A bit heavy but that’s what I like definitely a real man’s knife. The 4. • Blade material: CPM-20CV Steel • Rockwell Hardness: 58-61 HRC • Handle Material: Unknown • Weight: 4. G10 panels feel great in hand. 0. Browse a huge variety of 20 1901 available for buying now. This alloy has better edge retention than S30V and S35V steel – and both of those have pretty solid edge retention already. Sorry I don't have more testing, but thought I'd share my findings with s35vn. The blade is slightly longer than some of the others on this list, coming in at 3. The mini grip has thin stock and slices just wonderfully. If this is too large for you, Benchmade also makes a Mini Griptilian, model 556-1, which costs about $10 less. Shane Sibert’s original MPR has been reinvented in a new micro format. When the knife is open, the entire knife is a total of 8. In fact CPM-20CV is the twin brother of M390 and CTS204P. Spyderco FB39GP Sustain Fixed Blade - 6. Carpenter also joined the party with their near-identical CTS 204P alloy. After reading this article you will know how to get the best offer in your zero tolerance sinkevich 0462 pocketknife 0462 cpm 20cv satin finished crucible blade steel red and gray carbon fiber front scale titanium back kvt manual open reversible pocketclip 3 7 oz purchases. Just to verify, I've seen m390 called cpm20v, but usaknifemaker has cpm20cv. 4 %(!)) and still are useable because of the high levels of vanadium and the small grain size. net or Speedtest apps, please email legal@ziffdavis. Reversible tip-up, deep-carry clip. In assessing knife steel edge retention Be the first to know and let us send you an email when St. Crucible’s CPM 20CV Steel constitutes the business end of the Zero Tolerance 0470 Pocketknife. 45 in (88 mm). The material component’s properties are: carbon (1. This monolock flipper, with its stout 0. Corrosion resistance is comparable among the three, but CPM 20CV is more difficult to sharpen. Bada$$ knife well made and solid as a rock with a fine steel blade. Welcome to the #1 typing speed test with over 4 million tests completed every month! 1 minute test 2 minutes test 3 minutes test 4 minutes test 5 minutes test Aesop’s fables Rules of Baseball Space cowboys Tigers in the Wild The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Zebra - Africa's striped horse The Enchanted Typewriter -- Deutsch Français Español DuraTech 20CV is a highly wear resistant, powder metallurgy stainless tool steel. The blade is CPM 20CV stainless steel with a stonewashed finish. Blade is a sheepsfoot plain edge made from advanced CPM-20CV steel. 2010; Peachy : The testing of steel for leather paring knives   Current steels in use- CPM- S90V, CPM S110V, CPM REX 76, CPM 20CV, deep cryo treated (-300 F), and triple hardness tested to verify that they are at the   CPM-20CV premium stainless steel drop-point blade holds an edge incredibly well and is extremely resistant to corrosion. com/catalog/knives/cold-steel-4-max-tri-ad-lock-folding-knife-4-inch-cpm-20cv-ston Ausführliches Produktreview des Benchmade 551-1 Griptilian - EIn edles Messer perfekt als EDC - Schauen Sie auch das Video an Editor's Note: This Part II of Cedric and Ada's take on steels. 5 Benchmade 940-1501 Knifeworks exclusive $170. There are different scales, denoted by a single letter, that use different loads or indenters. Unlike the Americanized Tanto Cold Steel is known for, the  My CPM 20CV is hard to distinguish from the M390 and I doubt I could. In all honesty, the CPM-20CV seemed to have retained a little better edge at this point and easily sliced through meat and tendons, etc. The 20CV steel provides superior hardness and corrosion resistance, along with toughness, wear resistance, and excellent edge retention. Who uses it: Bark River Knives. CPM 20CV is unique in that it contains a high volume of vanadium carbides and the highest amount of chromium of any high-vanadium stainless steel currently available. - Share your opinion by voting. 25-inches long and is made out of one of the new stainless super steels, that takes a great edge and seems to hold it just about forever, this is called CPM 20CV. It is a martensitic stainless steel with a high volume of vanadium carbides for exceptionally good wear resistance. I carry the griptilian with g10 scales and 20cv steel about 90% of the time. cpm 20cv test

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